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An Important Overview of

Teaching Piano Naturally

After teaching piano for 40 years, Vicki has developed some foundational teachings that help pianists maintain and improve their performance ability. In 1997 Vicki published an instructional book entitled, "Playing the Piano Naturally" that goes into more depth on how to harness the power of a more natural style of playing the piano. 

An Introduction to Teaching Children

Children have an incredible capacity to learn, which is why it is so vital to instill proper piano playing techniques from a young age. Vicki has spent 40 years doing this and in this video, she presents some of the most valuable lessons for teaching children to play the piano naturally. In her workshops for teachers, Vicki gives numerous, proven ideas to teach children to play the piano naturally.

Examples of Playing Naturally

Teaching Videos


Understanding Forearm Rotation

What Causes Performance Injuries

Playing Staccatos

Playing Bach Inventions

Playing Octaves with Small Hands

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